Transportation Systems Analysis (Graduate)
The main objective of this course is to integrate the basic tools of systems analysis, including those of production and demand theory, equilibrium, optimization, and decision making into transportation systems design, planning, operation, and policy evaluation. The course aims to develop a critical systems approach and perspective to transportation issues and problems, and to explore a set of quantitative methods that are valuable to transportation systems analysis. [Syllabus]


Infrastructure Management (Graduate)
The main objective of the course is to introduce fundamental concepts of infrastructure management and develop a variety of statistical modeling (e.g., stochastic duration models, limited dependent variable models, discrete choice and ordered models) and operations research (e.g., Markov chain, dynamic programming with perfect and imperfect information, and with finite and infinite horizons) methods to inspection, performance prediction and maintenance decision making for the management of infrastructure systems. [Syllabus]


Air Transportation (Graduate)
The main objective of this course is to provide a multi-disciplinary, system-level introduction to air transportation. The course integrates the fundamental tools and methods covered in other transportation courses into aviation planning and engineering. The course also aims to explore additional concepts in systems analysis, economics, statistics, and operations research that are used in aviation and are applicable to other transportation systems. [Syllabus]


Transportation and Infrastructure Systems (Senior Undergraduate/Graduate)
This course offers an introduction to the fundamental principles for transportation systems components and networks, and the associated infrastructure planning. Students are exposed to both qualitative and quantitative ideas, techniques and philosophies of modeling transportation systems. Equal focus are given to passenger and freight transportation systems. The course also provides students with generic concepts of transportation infrastructure planning and decision-making, with a coverage of engineering as well as non-engineering aspects. [Syllabus]


Transportation Engineering (Undergraduate)
The main objective of this course is to provide a broad overview of the role of transportation in the economy and in society, introduce highway traffic theories and transportation planning principles for solving transportation problems, and develop traffic engineering approaches to highway capacity and level of service analysis. [Syllabus]