Welcome to the Transportation and Logistics (TransLog) Research Lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

The transportation and logistics sector is facing tremendous challenges and opportunities at the same time, with exciting technology innovations, ever increasing demand, growing energy and environmental concerns, and threats from natural and man-made hazards. At TransLog Lab, we aim at moving forward the research frontier by developing and applying novel concepts and methodologies to address pressing, emerging, and looming challenges in transportation and logistics systems design, planning, operation, and policy. Our research has an intrinsic interdisciplinary nature, and we strive to integrate principles and make innovations at the crossroads of transportation systems engineering, industrial engineering and operations research, microeconomics, statistics and econometrics, computer science, and city and regional planning. Our research is highly multimodal, covering roadway, air, rail, and waterborne modes. The outcome of our research entails both important methodological merits and strong implications for real world practice and decision making.